Multiple profile cleanup


I was looking at the CleanerML documentation, and wondered if there was support for cleaning multiple profiles at the same time, with the same set of cleaning scripts? For example: say I have a couple of Linux boxes where an arbitrary set of multiple people work on a non-daily basis. Does (or can) BleachBit support cleaning all profiles at the same time from the same job? I have in mind that when the job was finished, the selected cleaners would have run across all local profiles, and not just the current users profile?

I'm somewhat sure that I could cobble something together with the file matching capabilities (glob, walk.all, walk.files) built into BleachBit, but it would be nice to have that option available without having to rewrite every Cleaner script.


It's not CleanerML's job to clean (or even be aware of) multiple user profiles: CleanerML acts on individual user profiles. Rather, it is the job of a higher system to present the environment of each profile. For example, say you want to clean Bash history, so CleanerML sees something like


Then a higher system replaces ~ with each home directory like /home/jimmy and /home/jimbob

This higher system does not yet exist. While BleachBit doesn't explicitly support it, you may be able to get the same effect by running a command like this as root

# this code not tested
sudo -u jimmy bleachbit --clean bash.history
sudo -u jimboby bleachbit --clean bash.history

If you had many users, you could easily write a shell script to automate this syntax.

Try that, and let me know how it goes.

Andrew, lead developer