Missing Preview & Delete options


I have just installed BleachBit on xubuntu 16.04 LTS and the gui does not show the above buttons.

I have File, Edit, Help

Search magnifier glass and Bin

Is this a bug?

Yes, that sounds like a bug, but I have never heard of it before. Did you install from the Ubuntu repository or the BleachBit web site? Do you have version 1.12?

Some options to consider
1. Update Xubuntu using apt
2. Install the BleachBit .deb binaries from this site. The Ubuntu repositories often have an older version of BleachBit.
3. Reboot Xubuntu
4. Run BleachBit from the command line to check the console for error messages
5. Reinstall GTK version 2, in case it was corrupt

Andrew, lead developer

I am using version 1.2. from the web site.
Xubuntu has the latest updates.
Xubuntu has been rebooted many times since install of BleachBit.
Running BB from the command line make no change and no errors.

I am not sure about your last suggestion. There are several GTK entries in the package manager.

First, would you mind sending me a screenshot using https://snag.gy/ ? Basically you will paste your screenshot of the bug into snaggy, and it will give you a link you can post here.

I tried this command on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS. I do not have the same display issue as you, so I can't say whether it will fix the problem, but it should reinstall most or all of GTK+ 2.
sudo apt-get install --reinstall libgtk2.0-0 libgtk2.0-bin \
libgtk2.0-common gtk-theme-config gtk2-engines-murrine \

Andrew, lead developer

Your url gives 404 error.



takes me to the web site but I don't want to create an account. The 'bug' only shows by the abscence of the two buttons.

If I select one of the options in the left hand list the right hand panel shows a list of items. Clicking the magnifiers changes the list to a list of files to be dealt with. At the top of the list is a blue bar in which is the word, "Done" but at that stage nothing has been done. It just says for example the disk space to be recovered, number of files to be deleted and special operations.

I cannot understand why it should say done giving the impression it is finished. I assume if I click on the 'Bin' Icon it will deal as shown.

I would rather not disturb my settings if your display is different. I will research updating GTK later.

I have Gtk+ 3 version installed but not Gtk+ 2 version which is available in the package manager.

I believe v2 could be installed at the same time but not certain. Does BB need the old version?

Try this link for capture of BleachBit with missing buttons (best I can do):