Midori browser support on linux + few other thoughts

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thanks for a great program, I use only in Linux so if you have applied any of these on the Windows side i would be unaware:

a) support for cleaning the Midori browser in Linux
b) i guess the root version checks for updates automatically but it would
be good if there was this option under the Help tab or maybe it would show in in Help > About popup?
perhaps it can respond as "no standard updates available but 1 beta update available" etc.
i dont know what restrictions there are with Ubuntu/Linux repositories though as far as updating betas
c) perhaps a donate via Paypal option in the program itself
d) an option to run BleachBit and then shut down the computer? if i have 5-6 firefox profiles it takes
some time to complete BleachBit delete cycle.
e) perhaps in the future if you have Facebook and Twitter pages, an option in the Help tab to open
these pages directly from the program. I see BB does have the standard link to this page on SourceForge
already though but i have one program that does this on the Windows side and its pretty cool.
f) ability in the Help menu to send a comment direct to you thru the program without having to visit SourceForge
page in the browser. Again i have seen this feature in another program on the Windows side and its quite
handy just to pass along ideas for the program.

Apologies if any of these have been mentioned before.