Error Message / Message Erreur


Hello everyone,

I am a French user and I use Google translation to address you!

My computer runs on 64-bit ubuntu mate version 16.04 lts and BleachBit 1.10

Here is the error message I get in non-administrator mode:

Error in execution of
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/share/bleachbit/bleachbit/", line 84, in execute
     for ret in cmd.execute (self.really_delete):
   File "/usr/share/bleachbit/bleachbit/", line 146, in execute
     self.func (self.path)
   File "/usr/share/bleachbit/bleachbit/", line 280, in delete_mozilla_url_history
     FileUtilities.execute_sqlite3 (path, cmds)
   File "/usr/share/bleachbit/bleachbit/", line 307, in execute_sqlite3
     '% s:% s'% (Common.decode_str (exc), path))
DatabaseError: no such table: moz_favicons: /home/jean-pierre/.mozilla/firefox/qv0c82su.default-1496182211369/places.sqlite

Thank you for your help

BleachBit version 1.10 is very old. Please upgrade to BleachBit version 1.19 because it contains a fix specifically for this issue. Also, it has many other improvements. If the problem continues, please let me know.

Also please note in general Ubuntu has old versions of BleachBit in their repositories, so please keep up to date using this web site.

Andrew, lead developer