BleachBit 1.19 beta


February 27, 2018: BleachBit 2.0 has been released.

Please test BleachBit 1.19 beta, which replaces BleachBit 1.17 beta. Since BleachBit 1.12 there have been many big changes "under the hood" to the underlying parts of the system and that affect many parts of the application, so BleachBit 1.17 beta was tested for 10 months, the longest ever. Now BleachBit 1.19 beta is expected to be a solid release.


See also more changes in BleachBit 1.17 beta.

For a list of changes see the commit log, Launchpad bug tracker, and GitHub bug tracker.


These tests are for both Windows and Linux.

  • Clean Google Chrome - History to clean the site engagement. You may not notice any obvious difference.
  • Clean Google Chrome - History. Are the thumbnails for bookmarks preserved?
  • Clean Google Chrome - History. There should be no error message about favicons.
  • Repeat the same tests above in Chromium.
  • Clean Firefox - URL History. You should not see an error, and the history should be cleared.
  • See also more test for BleachBit 1.17 beta


  • The installer executable and application executable should be digitally on all modern versions of Windows starting with Windows XP SP3. You should not get the "unknown publisher" warning.
  • Test on Windows XP. Clean any application that checks whether the process is locked (such as Firefox or Google Chrome). There should be no error message.
  • Test UTF-8 support (see BleachBit version 1.17).
  • Shred files, attempt to recover them with an undelete utility, and verify the contents are unrecoverable.


  • Clean System - Cache. It should not interfere with the Bluetooth daemon (LP#1700767).
  • Clean Liferea.
  • Clean apt clean while apt is locked by another process. BleachBit should abort.
  • Clean apt autoremove. There should be no error message.
  • Install the Debian 9 .deb package.
  • Install the Fedora 27 .rpm package.
  • Install the Ubuntu 16.10, 17.04, or 17.10 .deb package.
  • Install the openSUSE_Leap_42.x packages.


See the downloads folder.

After testing

If something is broken, please file a bug report. If it works well, please post a comment with what you tested in the testing forum or at the bottom of this page.

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