Looking for a sample cleaner to customize


I have found sample cleaners through the BleachBit site but none so far that do what I want to do. I want to create a cleaner that will clean(shred) a single directory of all files of a particular type in Windows 7. For example, if I wanted to clean(shred) the Todd directory of all text files I would need a cleaner that cleaned C:\Todd\*.txt

I have tried to do this with no success so far, only errors.

I would love to see a cleaner that someone has already created like this so I can customize it to my specific needs. I am not a programmer, so any helpful tips would be great. I have customized scripts in the past for IT projects I have been on but they were few and far between since I was mainly a hardware guy in IT for about 25 years. That should give you an idea of my experience.


See example_claner.xml line 84, and what you need is walk.files in combination with regex like

<action command="delete" search="walk.files" path="c:\todd\" regex="\.txt$"/>

Andrew, lead developer