Locations For Deletion - Folder Not Deleted....



1.10 in Linux; Preferences > Custom > Folder /home/foo/.cache/mozilla

According to the wording in the Preferences it says; 'These locations can be selected for deletion'.

I'm assuming then the ~/.cache/mozilla directory will be deleted, but all Bleachbit is doing is emptying it.

With the directory empty, if I run Bleachbit over, it then removes/deletes the directory.

Of course with something like Firefox that is constantly going to be used, having the directory only emptied isn't bad. I'm only reporting this because I thought it was suppose to delete it, and if not, wanted to let you know.

Because then I'm also assuming, if it just emptied it the first time, then if I run Bleachbit over with it empty, I'm now not expecting it to be deleted, make sense? The same thing should just happen over... Empty, but if nothing to do, just leave it, not delete it the second time...

2 different thing here are going on... hmm

Thank you for the report. I confirmed this issue and added it to a related bug here


Andrew, lead developer


I just noticed also that 'transmission' is not being deleted and it was before in 1.6, which is the last version I was using.


Is this what you mean for transmission: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bleachbit/+bug/729861

If not, please file a separate bug report as I am sure it is not the same issue as this.

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Ok forget my last reply and let me back this conversation up.

In regards to the ~/.cache I see two options, or ways to deleting here.

1. System > Cache - the info in the right side pane says; Delete the cache.

I'm assuming in regards to what I just mentioned above, that when this is clicked everything in the cache is going to
be deleted? But Mozilla is not, which takes us back to what I was saying in the beginning.

2. I had chosen before Preferences > Custom and added in a path to delete mozilla;


But forgetting the setting of System > Cache, mozilla should not need to be added in to delete if I checked the Cache?

So now mozilla is not being deleted both ways, with the Cache checked, or adding in the /path to delete.

I'm seeing if I check System > Cache everything is being deleted in the ~/.cache which I'm assuming is the correct behaviour we want here? And if we want to protect anything we don't want deleted from the cache, then we need to create a Whitelist is all?

Yes, System - Cache whitelists ~/.cache/mozilla to avoid overlap with the Firefox cleaner ( LP#1295826).

If you add anything to the global whitelist in the preferences, none of the options anywhere should clean it.

Andrew, lead developer

Ok, this takes us back to the same problem.

I have System > Cache checked and mozilla is not in the Whitelist and it's not being deleted...

The whitelist for ~/.cache/mozilla for System - Cache is not visible to end users because it is hard coded. If you really want to see it or remove it, you can edit Cleaner.py.

Typically most people would clean ~/.cache/mozilla using the Firefox - Cache rule or using a custom cleaning rule.

Andrew, lead developer

We've been talking about the ~/.cache/mozilla getting deleted and it's not.

So not sure why you are talking about editing Cleaner.py and using Firefox to clean the cache, when bleachbit isn't deleting the directory as it should...

Did you forget the previous posts?


There is a lot to read, so if you think I misunderstand you, perhaps you could restate it more simply with fewer words.

Andrew, lead developer

LOL, now you're lost? First time I've had a developer get lost on a bug report hehe...

1. System > Cache - check mark it; /home/foo/.cache/mozilla is not being deleted. The directory is being emptied, then when it's empty and you run bleachbit a second time it's then getting deleted.

2. I just also add in Preferences > Custom > /home/foo/.local/share/recently-used.xbel and when I ran bleachbit for the first time it didn't delete it, then I ran it a second time and it deleted it.

3. The third time I ran bleachbit it deleted the /home/foo/.local/share/recently-used.xbel, I'm not sure why the first time I added it to bleachbit and then ran it, it wouldn't work till a second time, and now it seems fine, hmm odd.

That's it simplified! :)