Linux download just gives ASCII gibberish


Using FF 3.6.17.
Windows downloads the .exe fine. Linux (10.04 LTS Lucid) goes to "" and fills the screen with what looks like the code, as ASCII.
Can you investigate?

Also, what about Firefox "Crash Reports" directory/Folder deletion - has that been added yet?


Thanks for pointing out the problem with the .deb downloads: the MIME type was plain/text, but this should be fixed now.

The Crash Reports are not cleaned at this time, but that's a good idea: I filed it (#799245), so it doesn't get lost.

Andrew, lead developer

I tried linux ubuntu download again, but there is still just a page full of text codes. I think it's not fixed. Please repair.
Thank you.

I just tried it with Firefox 4 on Fedora and Internet Explorer on Windows 7, and both look OK. Try clearing your browser cache because the old one may be cached? If that does not work, right click on "direct download link"

Andrew, lead developer