Items & files cleaned under BleachBit's Firefox "site preferences"


Which file(s) in current Firefox 12 are cleaned by checking "site preferences" in BB 0.9.2?
The wording in BB UI beside that entry is "Settings for individual sites." OK...

In Firefox's Clear Private Data, the "Site Preferences" means the site cookie exceptions (stored in permissions.sqlite), which you usually DON'T want to delete. It's a stupid way for Mozilla to name it in Clear History. As for BB's definition of "site preferences," I'm not sure what all it includes or which files are involved.


To find the list of files, right click on Site preferences (by the check box) and choose Preview. Then BleachBit will show a list of files. Right now this is just contents-prefs.sqlite.

An example of site preferences is pressing CTRL-PLUS or CTRL-MINUS to zoom in or out: Firefox stores this in a database on a per-site basis.

Andrew, lead developer