Issues with entries with detect path under 64-bit


Hi. I have 2 entries that have the same issue from winapp2.


[Performance Maintainer*]
DetectFile=%ProgramFiles%\PC Starters\Performance Maintainer
FileKey1=%ProgramFiles%\PC Starters\Performance Maintainer\log*|*.*|RECURSE

Both these entries have there path directories under program files, but on 64-bit systems, BleachBit doesn't seem to know the difference. Both these programs are installed under the Program Files (not x86), which is the 64-bit path directory. A few weeks ago I contacted winapp2 about this issue and they said this: "The interesting bit is that CCleaner corrects internally for programfiles vs programfiles(x86) (as we learned 3½ years ago in this thread).. Try moving it to programfiles(x86) just to see what happens, I guess" BleachBit doesn't seem to be able to do this. This issue will need to be fixed soon, or 64-bit users will lose a lot of entries. BleachBit will most likely need native 64-bit support, as well.

This is the same as this one which I hope to tackle after the next stable release

It should be relatively easy to address this without a native 64-bit BleachBit.

Andrew, lead developer