Issue with uninstalling BleachBit while installing a newer version.


So I just released after I downloaded BleachBit 1.11 beta, then when you run it, it asks for you to uninstall the older version you previously had, however, the uninstall directory is pointed to Program Files (x86), but my BleachBit is not installed in that directory. It is installed in Program Files. There doesn't seem to be a way to change this.

If I run add and remove or uninstaller.exe in the BleachBit directory, it does point at the right directory, but am still unable to change it.

Not much has changed lately in BleachBit's installer/uninstaller, so I am wondering about other causes. Do you use Revo Uninstaller or anything like that?

Andrew, lead developer


No I don't use Revo. I only use Windows add and remove.

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