Icons move


Every time i use Bleachbit now my icons on the desktop get rearranged in no particular order. I have been using Bleachbit for over a year. This is a recent problem.

Are you using Windows or Linux? Are you using BleachBit version 1.12, 1.17, or another version?

Andrew, lead developer

I am using the latest Windows 10. I have BleachBit 1.12.

Can anyone offer advice? This problem is still happening. How do I reach tech support?

I have two suggestions

1. Update to BleachBit version 1.17 beta or newer

2. Try narrowing it down to which option (checkbox) causes this. It is most likely one of the options under System or Windows Explorer. You can start by unchecking all of them, and turn them back one at a time. Or you can run them one at a time.

If you narrow down the option, let me know.

Andrew, lead developer