I believe when setting up BB, I caused a notable change in webpage loading.

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Hi folks,
Recently I downloaded Bleach Bit and have found it does a fine job, "without PUPs". I have a question that may not have anything to do with Beach Bit, but here goes.. In setting it up, I "checked all items to be cleaned" and that may be causing the issue I'm having, because I was overly "aggressive". I have a broad band connection, "comcast", with download speeds, of well over 150 mB download speed. Before Bleach Bit, web pages loaded very quickly," I use up to date, FireFox. After installing Bleach Bit and for a week+, all web pages take between and up to 5-7 seconds to load. I believe "I have changed something, that may be the cause". Can any of you all help, oh and please consider me, one step above beginner, in your suggestions. if possible, see if the problem is "me".
I have attachments with screen grabs, if needed
Thank you very much.


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Windows 10 Pro, up to date

Are you cleaning System\Prefetch? If so, uncheck.


Thanks N4472X, I will not delete "Prefetch"......rubinontheroad