How well does BB handle temporary files under other profiles?


I am looking for replacement for ATF-Cleaner. As far as I can understand Ccleaner does not extend its cleaning to other user profiles.

Does BB clean temps from other user profiles too besides the one that is running it?

I am specifically looking for quick app that would help clean files from multi-user PCs.

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Basically the BleachBit version 0.8.0 GUI does not offer this feature, though it may be included at a later date. Meanwhile, it may be possible to accomplish the same using Windows or Linux commands such as
runas /user:bob bleachbit.exe --clean firefox.vacuum

(I personally haven't tested the runas.exe command yet with BleachBit.)

Andrew, lead developer

Thank you for the answer.

Unfortunately that doesn't really function under the scenarios I'm looking a tool for. Mainly desktop systems with 10 to 100+ users.

I am unaware of any tools provided by MS that could accomplish this. I'm not sure if for example cleanmgr.exe touches other user profiles.

You could write a short script (PowerShell or VBS or whatever) to run BleachBit once for each user. Also depending on what exactly you are trying to do, you could add BleachBit to the user login script. Another possibility is to use the standard Windows batch scripts to do (I forget the Windows syntax but have done it once) del c:\documents and settings\*\Local Settings\Temp\* . Or you could sponsor this feature in BleachBit.

Andrew, lead developer