How to switch to english GUI?


How do I switch from german to english GUI?
As far as I know this option should already be implemented

From the BleachBit FAQ under "Q: How do I see BleachBit in my own language on Microsoft Windows?"

A: There are a few ways to affect the language of the BleachBit user interface.

In the Windows search bar, type “Language settings” and open it. Under the Windows display language, choose the preferred language, and then restart BleachBit.

To force BleachBit to always show in English, download and install the English installer instead of the regular installer. If using the regular (non-English-only) installer, uncheck the option to install translations.

The language chosen in the BleachBit installer does not affect the BleachBit application: it affects only the language of the installer.

If you already installed them, another option is deleting the translation files found in the share\locale folder

Andrew, lead developer