How to keep my Chrome homepages


Hi all, FIRST time here! I've been using Bleachbit for a while now....but I hate having to reset my two homepages that open every time I open Chrome (Gmail and Calendar). Is there a way to prevent this from happening or is this just part of the clearing process. Thanks much...LOVE Bleachbit!!!

Mary in Oregon

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Windows 10

Hi Mary,

I'm glad to hear you love BleachBit. :)

I tested BleachBit 2.3 beta with Google Chrome 77 on Windows 10. I checked all the Google Chrome options (including those with warnings) in two sections: both the built-in cleaner for Google Chrome plus the Google Chrome cleaner imported from winapp2.ini. After cleaning, the Google Chrome homepages remained, so I can't reproduce the problem.

Could you please try narrowing down the problem to a single checkbox? This troubleshooting step could help me figure out a bug to fix, if any.

Andrew, lead developer