Gui improvements/folder option.


First of all, thanks for developing this software.

Now to my suggestion. The way it is now, the information given back on what's deleted, errors and so on, isn't really good. if you run it and delete maybe 40 000 files, where u got 10 errors, you'd might want to look at what those errors were.

Therefor i think it would be awesome if you could group up folders so you'd get a list that is easier to read, like: (+)C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch\ (100 files deteted.)
files deleted from this folder
(+)C:\WINDOWS\temp\ (999 files deleted, 1 error)
Error file from this folder.
files deleted from this folder
(+)C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download\ (10000 files deteted.)
files deleted from this folder

Instead of just a long 40 000 lines list.

You are right it is hard to see in BleachBit 1.6 and there should be improvements. For now one tip is: when you have errors, simply run the clean process again. The second time there should be very few non-errors and the errors will probably repeat, so they will be easy to see.

Andrew, lead developer