Forum Search?


If there is a forum (topic) search, I can't see it.
Is it possible to add one?
Wouldn't that reduce some repetitive posts?


As I said in your other post, this forums is old and source forge limits a lot of things, I believe this is done to reduce spam attacks. Maybe Andrew can look into updating it one day.

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To the primary navigation bar across the top, there is a new search link that leads to a new search page. The search page is powered by Google Custom Search Engine. I removed the CSE last year because it seemed no one was using it, but I will give it another chance.

Besides searching this site and the official forum, it also indexes many BleachBit-related pages on other sites.

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Old? :) Maybe I don't have all the bells and whistles turned on, but this is the latest version of maybe the most popular open source content management systems.

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks - I now see the Search link. FYI - for other users - the search function requires allowing Google AJAX search API.

Some search capability is better than none. For me, it shows the search will be: "BleachBit-related sites including this site, the official forum, bug tracker, GitHub and more."
Does (could) this Search feature allow specifying where to search or limit results? Like, search on forums?

I added a "label" that limits the search to the forum. Type your search normally, and then after the results come up click on the "forum" tab at the top.

Also, I added a note there about the JavaScript. That's a good point many users here may have it turned off.

Alternatively, you can use regular Google with a site search like this "forum search"

Andrew, lead developer