Forum GUI issue / suggestion


When adding another comment to existing post & preview, it shows the preview at top (OK), then the text editing box just below. But the Save & Preview buttons are WAY down at the bottom, below the previous posts.

When creating the 1st post in a thread, then the Save / Preview buttons are just below the text editor. Not so when previous posts exist.

If pasting BB results in posts, it can be a long way to the bottom (yes, End key) - but then back to top to preview again. Rinse & repeat as many times as necessary. No one expects the "submit comment" button to be at the bottom of previous posts.

Shouldn't the Save (called Submit?) & Preview buttons always be right below the text entry / editing box?

Pick a thread w/ long comment - like
Click in New Comment & enter some characters.
The Preview button is just below text editor. Hit Preview.
After previewing post once, the Save & Preview buttons now shift to below the previous (long ) posts.