FileZilla cleaner showing although not installed


Im using BleachBit 0.7.1 on ArchLinux and when I run BleachBit (as user) it shows the FileZilla clear although it is not installed.

I think you are referring to the auto-hide behavior.

BleachBit checks a way which may not be immediately intuitive to everyone. Specifically: it checks
1. Whether there is anything to clean. For example, it only checks that files exist to be cleaned: It doesn't care whether the application is installed.
2. Whether the option was already enabled. If it is enabled, it is not hidden.

This has benefits and drawbacks. This method is good for people who install applications and forget about them (or where the distribution installs the application and the user never uses it). On the other hand, it can be confusing.

So you can clean FileZilla, uncheck it, and restart BleachBit. It should disappear.

Andrew, lead developer

Thank you for the answer; it worked. However like you said, its not intuitive.