Evercookies and portability


Hello. I am coding some windows based software that has a need to defeat the evercookie. I would like to use BleachBit to accomplish this via the command line. What would be the proper command to run to get rid of the evercookies but NOTHING else?

Also, BleachBit requires many files to run. Is it possible to somehow package all of BleachBit into 1 executable file? This would be better for including BleachBit in my software. Thank you.

The whole sneaky point behind evercookie is not any practical way to tell evercookie elements (such as HTML cookies) from other elements (such as non-evercookie HTML cookies), so you need to delete all (HTML) cookies, all URL history, all DOM storage, and all cache for all browsers at once. Plus, you need to delete Adobe Flash cookies.

If evercookie could be isolated from other browser elements, there would not be much point to it.

Especially because of the Python and GTK+ dependencies, at this time I do not know of a good way on Microsoft Windows to package all of BleachBit into one executable file.

If you are distributing BleachBit, remember to follow the GPL v3+ license requirements, including (but not limited to), the requirements about distributing the source code.

Andrew, lead developer

Thank you for your reply. I do understand that "evercookie" refers to several storage locations. Can you please post the CLI command(s) needed to defeat the evercookie method?

what would the commands be?

Something like
bleachbit.exe --delete firefox.cache firefox.cookies firefox.dom firefox.url_history flash.* sliverlight.cookies

And the similarly for Safari, Google Chrome, Chromium, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Test it yourself http://samy.pl/evercookie/ and add or remove options as needed.

What is the name of your application?

Andrew, lead developer