Hi All,

A quick search did not revela any hits on BleachBi and evercookie, so I wanted to pass it along in case the project was not aware: http://samy.pl/evercookie/. Forgive me if they go by another name(s) and the project has already hunted them down.


Thanks for the question. Because evercookie was basically announced today (too new for many web sites to implement) and because many browsers support don't support HTML5, today evercookie is more of a theoretical problem (or a clever trick) than a practical problem. It reminds me of an older trick involving LSO or Java (before HTML5 was implemented in any web browser).

At a glance, BleachBit takes care of the three: HTTP cookies, Local Shared Objects (LSO, or Adobe/Macromedia Flash cookies), and Web History. The remaining items are HTML5 (which many browsers don't yet support), which BleachBit doesn't specifically clean today. I will research the situation.

Personally, I don't mind most cookies, but I do mind
1. The creepy, persistent advertisements for store X on every other web site long after I visited store X only one time
2. Genuine usage of technology like evercookie to circumvent a person's obvious wish to remain anonymous

I just added a change to delete DOM Storage in Firefox 3. I'll do some more testing later, but that (together with the previous features) may take care of evercookies for Firefox in BleachBit 0.8.1. To be notified of BleachBit 0.8.1 beta, subscribe to the news feed by clicking the orange icon on the right bar.

I confirmed BleachBit 0.8.1 (SVN pre-release version) defeats evercookie with Firefox 3.6 on Windows XP.