Error log [SOLVED].

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Hi! :-)

I just installed it at Win 10 x64 and at the 1st time launch, it informed me for this error log.
Since I'm not familiar with it at Windows, I'm attaching the log here:

I'm suspecting it has problem with the non-English directories, but I'm waiting for someone more familiar with it, to enlighten me. :-)

TIA!!! :-)

I assume you are using BleachBit version 1.12? I think your suspicion is correct. In the log I see non-English characters in the user name, so all directories under the user profile have non-English characters. This is a known bug in BleachBit 1.12. This was a bit tricky to fix, but the good news is it should be fixed in BleachBit version 1.17 beta. Please test and let me know how it goes.

By the way, I changed the text format of your post, so the link works. before it was truncated without being clickable. Now it is clickable.

Andrew, lead developer

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Indeed! :-)

Latest beta, works like a charm!
THANKS!!! :-)

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I am glad to hear it! Thank you for testing.

Andrew, lead developer