Easy set up of language interface and setting up data wiping passes


I have my operating system in English, my keyboard is set up to Hungarian. I downloaded BleachBit portable and I got the Hungarian version which I dont want, I see no way of changing this to English, I am assuming it is taking the language settings from my keyboard as all the rest is in English.

I think users should have an easy way to decide in what language BleachBit interface should be regardless of their keyboard settings.

I also do not see a way of setting up how many times data is overwritten. Notice, this is the PORTABLE BleachBit being used in Windows.

In Windows BleachBit detects the system language based on the regionalization setting, but here's a trick: just delete the translation files in the folder BleachBit-Portable/share/locale. (In the non-portable version, the installer asks whether you want to install translations, so there you could uncheck the option.) Without these files, BleachBit is always in English.

Regarding multiple passes for the overwrite option, see these two, long message threads tagged secure delete, but now I am considering adding the option with a warning that it doesn't do what most people hope it does

BTW, in the future, it is nice if you post one idea per forum thread.

Andrew, lead developer