Don't see CleanerML file for Firefox


Don't see the CleanerML for Firefox, though the Tbird one is there.

Nor under bonus cleaners. Is it called something else, or just not posted?

Also, often, some captchas are un solve-able / un readable.

Don't see the CleanerML for Firefox,

As of BleachBit 0.9.5 there is not a great way to express this in CleanerML, so it is still in Python in the file trunk/bleachbit/ Moving Firefox and to CleanerML is on my to-do list for BleachBit 1.0.

IIRC, the whole problem relates to the many possible base directories for these applications.

Also, often, some captchas are un solve-able / un readable.

Sorry, the forum has had hundreds of thousands of spam submissions, and even though "only" hundreds get through, many days I spend more time deleting spam than coding BleachBit.

SourceForge makes this harder because they don't allow outbound firewall access that would allow me to use the current generation of anti-spam technologies like Akismet, reCAPTCHA, and Mollom. I've complained to them.

Andrew, lead developer

WOW, what the H type spam are they sending that much to a site like yours? Advertising?

Sounds like you need to find or develop another spam filter, that analyzes what gets through SF's filters. I suspect there's lots of free / commercial stuff for that.
I wouldn't be manually deleting 100's / day. I'd find something that had it's own filters & allowed custom. Then deleted automatically at specified time or at specific folder size.

It also doesn't sound like SF's filters are good. I'm not a fan of their forum software (apparently, neither are you).

I have one acct w/ ATT / Yahoo, that got on the international spam list. I don't d/l them, but rarely look in Junk - several 1000 in few weeks. Maybe ONE every wk or 2 gets thru their spam filters.

I get various types of spam (e.g., wedding dresses) with links to obscure sites.

I think it was only once that 100 message got through in a single day. Lately I get about 0-2 spam messages. (The 439,858 automatically blocked spam is since I setup this site about 3.5 years ago.)

SF provides free, and otherwise very good and generous, web hosting. I use the generic web hosting to provide my own content management system (CMS), so I understand why I am on my own without a SF-provided filter. SF's policy blocks outbound network requests because some SF users would abuse it, but this blocks the network access I need to use something like reCAPTCHA. Other than these hosted (and blocked services), there doesn't seem to be many better anti-spam systems for the CMS I use.

In my day job I do some machine learning, similar to what is used to train spam filters, but so far it hasn't quite been worth the effort to make another spam filter. It would save me 3-10 minutes per week and cost several hours to develop. Then upgrading the CMS to a new version would require more work (to update my custom anti-spam module).

Andrew, lead developer