Display time at the end of cleaning


It would be nice if BleachBit would display the amount of time it took at the end of cleaning (and previewing, too). This will also help test the speed of BleachBit compared to other cleaners and it's also nice to see how long it takes to clean certain entries out.

Seems like a pretty harmless idea. I wouldn't mind that addition.

If BleachBit is slow (as I think you mentioned in another thread), wouldn't this create a bad impression of BleachBit?

On Linux it is easy to time BleachBit using the command line like this
time bleachbit --preview firefox.cache

Andrew, lead developer


I assumed after applying the mmap to the wipe-mode and fixing the previewing large files bug, as you said you had planned to do, that the speed of BleachBit cleaner would be resolved. How much of a speed difference would it make after adding the timer?

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