Digest Uncleaner Tool Functionality


I just want to make suggestion to absorb this tool, so I don't have to run another.


UnCleaner Handles These File Types
Windows Update Downloaded & Log Files
Prefetch Cached Data
Logon Temp Files
Account Temp Files for All Users
DataStore Temp Files
WINSAT Log Files
LocalApplication Data Log Files
Explorer Temp Files
MSDTC Log Files
ApplicationData SubItems Logs
Narrator Temp Files
Debug Log Files
Microsoft .NET Framework Logs
Shell Cached Icons Root Log Files
Windows Installer Temp Files
Shell Cached Files
Wbem Log Files
Windows Folder Log Files
Updates Temp Files Font Cache Files
ServiceProfiles Log Files
System32 Log Files
Cached Folders
Downloaded Installations ??Not sure this is a good idea
*.tmp Stored Files
WER Log Files
Performance Log Files
Offline Web Pages
WDI Log Files
Drivers Inf Log Files
Cached Wallpapers
CatRoot Logs
ReportQueue Log Files
System Log Files
Recycle Bin
Shutdown Cache Files
Panther Log Files
Driver Logs
Temp Files

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