Custom files and or folders not clearing

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BleachBit version 1.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 does not delete custom files/paths listed in the Custom tab.

For example, therein I have:


After tunning bleachbit the cookies.sqlite file still remains.

Any help much appreciated.

thank you!

Did you check the checkbox System - Custom?

Andrew, lead developer

System - Custom?

Under Preferences I have five tabs: General | Custom | Drives | Languages | Whitelist

Under the Custom tab I have inserted 3 paths to files. The paths and paths to the file are absolutely correct. . .

I don't have an option to actually check a checkbox under System - Custom. . .

Thank you.

It's not in the preferences. Look at the fifth checkbox here.

Andrew, lead developer

thank you so much. I can't thnk you enough.

that worked!!!!