cups spool files



with EOL of XP roundabout a year ago I migrated to Xubuntu and meanwhile I became familiar with Bleachbit. By accident I discovered about 1000 files in ‚/var/spool/cups/‘ and cleaned this directory by adding it to entry ‚System / user defined‘.

This works fine but wouldn‘t it be proper to implement the cleaning of such a standard spool directory into a new special entry within ‚System‘?

Kind regards from Colgne / Bonn, Germany,

Oh, the "good" old CUPS now owned by Apple, Inc.

I noticed these kind of issues, also functionality ones. It's a mess.

Thanks, Apple, Inc. and the original author with his pesky CLA.

Is there a straightforward and reliable way to tell apart which ones are still needed?

Andrew, lead developer

I deem spool files older than one day as outdated which should be deleted ...

Andrew, lead developer