Cookie problem


So I ran Bleachbit after reading about the Clinton story. I then uninstalled it, and reset Windows Explorer to no longer delete cookies upon exiting.

The problem is, my system seems to still be deleting cookies. Many sites I frequently visit still ask me to accept cookies. I accept, and then they ask me again the next time I visit.

Clearly either a problem, or a setting somewhere I need to reset. Help please, thanks, Lou.

One other problem. I have a Disqus account so I can comment on various websites/blogs. Ever since I used Bleachbit and then deleted it, I am always having to log back in to Disqus whenever I go to a website that uses it. It never did that before, my credentials went with me wherever I went on the net..

Hmm, many people have used BleachBit for years, and I haven't heard of this issue before.

Are you having trouble with Internet Explorer version 11 on Windows 10? Do you have any special browser add-ons that may be altering cookies? Or do you currently use any other cookie-deleting software? Do you remember altering any cookie settings or policies in the browser?

Andrew, lead developer

Hi Andrew. I use IE 11 in Windows 7 Home Premium. No browser add ons and no cookie deleting software. The only cookie setting alteration was when I turned off auto delete. Thanks for your time, Lou.

Andrew, I have a simple idea. Is there some way in Windows to see what day I installed Bleachbit? If so, I could just do a system restore to before that date. Thanks, Lou.

Go to the Windows Control Panel and look for Add or remove programs.. In the list of programs, find BleachBIt, and it will have the date it was installed.

This date may not be valid after upgrading BleachBit because maybe the date resets to the upgrade date.

Andrew, lead developer

Understood on that Andrew, but its no longer in the list. I uninstalled it. That's why I asked if there was a record somewhere................else.

BleachBit leaves a minimal footprint.

Unless you cleaned it too, you could checking your browser history for the date when you visited the BleachBit download page.

Or you could try going back to the most recent Windows Restore checkpoint. If that doesn't work, go back one more. And repeat.

Andrew, lead developer

I'll try that, thx.