CleanerML action to delete one section of xml file?


I see the "ini" & "json" actions in CleanerML documentation.
Are those applicable only to those exact file extension?

What about cleaning sections from xml files, where the file contains custom settings, plus search term history, etc? Is there any way to do this?

I looked at couple of dozen cleaners. They involve deleting entire files, or using defined actions.

For instance, in Linux the ~/.gnome-commander/Gnome-Commander.xml file holds lots of custom settings, but also search terms, "replace with" data, batch rename data.

Example section below to delete;
Entries between:


<WindowSize width="1034" height="745"/>
<Profile name="Default">
<Pattern syntax="shell" match-case="0">tmp</Pattern>
<Subdirectories max-depth="-1"/>
<Text content-search="0" match-case="0"></Text>
<Pattern>org.x.editor history</Pattern>

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Some of the commands in BleachBit version 1.17 include: delete a whole file, truncate a file, delete sections in a .ini file, delete sections from a JSON file, and vacuum an SQLite database. However, there is not a command to modify an XML file.

If you can do it using command line tools, BleachBit 1.17 has a 'process' command to run external commands.

Andrew, lead developer