Clean thumbs.db from C:?



I have 64bit Win7, I used the latest version 0.8.7 with administrator permissions, and I see that I have not deleted as junk files and thumbs.db had. So I doubt a bit of its usefulness ...

It would be nice to also clean up the ACDSee database, if you choose this option:

C: \ Users \ "Name of admin \ AppData \ Local \ ACD Systems \ Catalogs \ 100 \ Default


Where exactly are your Thumbs.db files? If they are under c:\users\your-user-name\, then they should be cleaned with a deep scan. Otherwise, you will need to tell BleachBit where to look. Right now the GUI doesn't have a way to change this, but if you know how to use a text editor, you can do it easily using CleanerML. Make a private copy of deepscan.xml with these actions:

<action command="delete" search="deep" regex="^Thumbs\.db$" cache="false"/>
<action command="delete" search="deep" regex="^Thumbs\.db:encryptable$" cache="false"/>

As far as the ACDSee database, it looks like that is already covered using winapp2.ini.

Andrew, lead developer