Clean : JDownloader, browser's extensions and custom directory


It would be nice if we can clean the temp files for extension for google chrome, chromium browser, firefox and if possible for other browsers...
what we can clean ? see here : (this extension works just for windows OS)

Also please add clean support for Jdownloader ( /Backup , /captchas , /tmp also there are some log files on JD's directory)

Also need support to clean a directory which we will select from options... I mean this :

Thank you!

Regarding cleaning browser extensions and Jdownloader: because these are not relatively popular, your best best right now is to create a CleanerML file to clean them.

Regarding the URL: it doesn't work. What is it called?

Regarding the custom cleaning directory: That's a good idea. For now, BleachBit has a file menu option to clean directories, but it isn't remembered. Your other choice is CleanerML.

Andrew, lead developer

This is an extension which clean also temp files for extensions on chrome:

(if the link does not work please search on chrome's extension official site "Click&Clean" extension and install it. See how it works. Some options of extension resets the settings of extensions but we don't have to select them. We just need to clean the temp files of extensions. (for example for chrome i use an extension which saves closed tabs... after i surf on internet i close the chrome and i use bleachbit... bleachbit cleans everything, but when i open the chrome i can see my closed tabs from extension :( )...

So... ok for JDownloader but we don't need to think about popularity of extensions... i think the same thing seems for firefox and for other browsers...

Thank you!