Change wording of Shred Settings and Quit


in v0.9.5, the wording under File > Shred Settings & Quit could be misleading.

I've used BB for a while & was actually looking for options for shred feature - 1pass, 3 passes, etc.

Of course, that setting is to delete the program configuration file, bleachbit.ini. Even though there's a warning, do you really..., some people are going to get mixed up.

Not quite sure why you'd want to shred the config file, but - if that's what the option is doing, I figure that's what the wording should say.

Like, "Shred BleachBit settings file." Not sure what the "and quit" is for. As opposed to shred settings, then keep on shredding? :)

I didn't see that option explained in the manual, so for the few % that read it, there's no explanation.

I can see how that is confusing.

Basically this option is to clean BleachBit itself: it shred BleachBit's settings and quits BleachBit. The reason for quitting is that otherwise the settings file may be re-created as BleachBit is used.

Andrew, lead developer

OK. I see the reason for "Quit." I still say changing the wording would save some users problems & confusion, by not accidentally deleting all their BB settings. Even though it has a final pop up warning. Sometimes that's not enough. :D