Can BleachBit remember its window size and also option to shut down computer after completion


Great Program already. Was wondering if these 3 options can be added to BleachBit:

1) possibility for BleachBit to remember its window size and position on screen - i have netbook and always have to shrink the vertical size of the window to see the last few cleaners as well as see how many MB were deleted. I know nothing about programming so idk if this is easy or difficult to do, but it would be nice to have a check box with this option.

2) possibility to have BleachBit offer to shut down the system after its tasks are completed. I see other excellent programs like IDM offer this feature and it would be a great addition to BleachBit in my opinion.

3) any chance to use that WinApp2(?) or whatever its called that CCleaner and Bleachbit uses on the Windows side - any chance to use this on the Ubuntu side? (the file with the hundreds of cleaners)

Thanks. BleachBit is awesome. :)

1 and 2 are not features in BleachBit version 0.9.3, but they are possibilities. It's mainly a matter of limited resources and competition from many other feature requests.

WinApp2.ini is specific to Microsoft Windows. If you want to clean more on Ubuntu, there is the BleachBit bonus cleaner package which is a separate download from this web site. It hasn't been updated lately. Also, you can write your own cleaners using CleanerML.

Andrew, lead developer