Bug: Beta 1.0 Shred With Bleachbit context menu

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In windows 8 right clicking a file and clicking Shred With Bleachbit results in the file not being deleted and a "Check %program files% for log" message but no log is generated.

edit 1: Log generated says "bleachbit.exe: error: no such option: --no-auc"

edit 2: changing BleachBit in windows 8 to always Run with Admin privileges allows it to work only if changed to the below

@="\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\BleachBit\\bleachbit.exe\" --gui --shred \"%1\""

Thank you for pointing this out. The option --no-auc should be --no-uac. I fixed it as BleachBit-0.1.0beta-2-setup.exe and tested on Windows 8.

Andrew, lead developer

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works great now.