Bookmarks erased


My firefox bookmarks where erased using Bleachbit 0.6.3-1, on Ubuntu 9.04. This is not so much a support question as a FYI, unless of course the bookmarks are somehow recoverable.

Also to add I am using firefox 3.0.13.

Under Firefox, did you check the box for deleting 'Places'? The description and popup warning both indicate 'Places' deletes bookmarks. If you prefer just to delete URL history (list of visited web sites), uncheck 'Places' and instead check 'URL History.'

Firefox version 3+ stores URL history, favicons, and bookmarks in a single file called the Places database, and BleachBit offers to delete it because it may be more thorough to shred for very paranoid people.

If you didn't enable file overwriting, you may be able to recover the file: search Google for 'ext3 undelete' (it's not easy). If you have a backup, it's easier: you can restore the files (look for names with 'places' and 'bookmarks').

Andrew, lead developer