BleachBit v1.12 for Win crash Windows Taskbar & all Tray Icons gone


This is my first post ever on BleachBit forum...
Before anything I would want to express my gratitude and congratulations for this great Software!
In addition, I use it a quite a long time and I never had any problems at all!

However, I download before a day ago all brand new release of BleachBit v1.12.
I installed it on two MSWin7UltSp1 + Up-to-date PCs.
Before BleachBit v1.12 was here, I was having installed the BleachBit v1.10 on both of this PCs...

But, yesterday, after installing it, as I soon start to clean with all brand new BleachBit v1.12,
he, just within few seconds after, just crash down Windows Explorer process, which I can visually also see, because he crash down my Windows Taskbar and all the running app icons in my Tray!
Soon after, the rebuilding process of the Windows Taskbar was automatic and successful, but rebuilding the running app icons in my Tray was NOT successful, I was needing to restart my PC to "repair"
that bug...

I never had this problemo with all earlier BleachBit versions, ever!
And all this, exactly the same, happens also on the second MSWin7UltSp1 + Up-to-date PC as well... :(
To be worst, it is not an isolated bug incident, now it happens every single time when I use BleachBit on this two computers... :(

In addition, I already find the culprit problemo all here - When I disengage in the BleachBit application the checkmark for Windows Explorer: the "Thumbnails" option, no more crashing of the Windows Taskbar and/or in the Tray at all... :)

Anyway, I'll hope that I help a little bit with this writing, and that this little bug will be fix in the future BleachBit version developing.

Thank you in advance!
Best regards to BleachBit developer(s) and to all the readers here! :)


The explorer.exe reset is from using the Windows Explorer - Thumbnails entry. It should restart your explorer.exe after you use this. It was designed to do this in 1.12 to resolve a bug with cleaning Thumbnails.

As for the missing tray icons, the follow entries will erase your icons in the taskbar:


QuickLaunch DiagnosedApplications

QuickLaunch ImplicitAppShortcuts

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ROCKNROLLKID, thank you for finding the QuickLaunch entries. Those look like they are imported from Winapp2.ini.

Brons, does unchecking the three QuickLaunch options resolve your issue?

Andrew, lead developer

Thank you both for your replies! :)

In addition to my previous entry here, I did never engage on both of this computers the Bleachbit Preferences window and allow to "Download and update cleaners from community (winapp2.ini)"...
On both of this computers, I didn't even set it to expand the cleaners - "Hide irrelevant cleaners" option...

An again, in my experiments before 1/2 days ago, as soon I, and only remove the checkmark from "Thumbnails" (and left all my other BleachBit's settings like previous ones and just intact all here), that stops immediately and completely the Tray icon flushing, on both of this computers, so do not have this problemo any more...

But, if I just put the "Thumbnails" checkmark back again, the icon flushing/crashing in the Tray starts all over again, just every single time of Bleachbit cleaning...

What you are describing sounds like bug 1604897. It is triaged for the next release.

Thank you for the report

Andrew, lead developer

I apologize for more than a 4 months late for my replay here... ;)

I just want to say, you welcome, and thank You and all the rest of the developers all here for this great software and for improving it over all this years! ;)

Best regards!