Bleachbit unstable builds won't open on Windows


I just installed latest unstable build 2.3.1272. The entire installation process was allright, when I run the program it prompts the UAC, I hit on Yes, the cursor implies like it's loading but it doesn't open a window.
I check on Task manager and the process is running (it even shows to be using 50% of my processor) but a window never shows up.

Thanks in advance

BleachBit version: 
Your operating system: 
Windows 8.1

That's not good. :( To isolate the issue, would you mind please trying a few things?

1. Run bleachbit_console.exe in case it has more information

2. Try answering No to the UAC dialog.

3. Try the recent builds 2371, 2370, and 2369

Andrew, lead developer

Hi Andrew,
I tested last build and it works perfectly.

Thank you so much

Great to hear the last build opens again! :)

Andrew, lead developer