Bleachbit on Ubuntu repositories

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By mistake, first I installed from Ubuntu repositories and received BB 1.0. Then, updated it to 1.8. I think it's time you should submit a newer version. to ubuntu :-)

There is a team of people from Debian and Ubuntu that manage these releases into the repositories.

Ubuntu has what seems like a weird policy: they update BleachBit only with new releases of Ubuntu, so Ubuntu 14.10 will always have BleachBit 1.2 and Ubuntu 15.04 will always have BleachBit 1.6.

I do not like this because the old versions are so much out of date, and they also disabled the automatic notifications.

Andrew, lead developer

Download the .deb, .run installers from the official website is the best.

Rely on Ubuntu universe repo they're freeze on Ubuntu versions & out of dated.

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Thanks Andrew. In both Windows and Linux I installed version 1.10 from the Sourceforge repository and everything is working fine. While it's unimportant, I am curious about the version numbering system.

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Andrew, lead developer