BleachBit seems to create a temp file that consumes all free space on the computer


Error from the Delete process:

[Error 32] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process: 'C:\\Users\\inghadav\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\tmpstesfucQ6gY3wCJbfUX997rAUeB-VSALi95iJ579D8uwPSIh1cdh7GvxVNwWwdMpv8J6fn1o-BNiSF-zW7M2X.dwQuN2.ioYQP4W5Fyi59E4pveg_t8cbYJJe5Y-aHKnN_UdwrWMFih12K41GKSdU4y1Pw2oA9tVgFqZnSKhzcBigeb27o4x-hPV4pRC2gkUgoMRcULYtwh9pp5uS81C9ySE':

Free space on the computer at that time - 0 bytes

Free space after closing BleachBit - 21.6 GB

(I did want to include screenshots of the above free space values but apparently, I cannot)

I noted the issue when the X1 Desktop search agent I use complained that there is no free space.

This issue is not a show stopper (although my heart skipped a beat when I first saw I had zero free space). If I close BleachBit the free space is returned.

BleachBit version: 
Your operating system: 
Windows 7

To avoid this behavior, uncheck the option "free disk space" under "system."

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks, Andrew.

This worked as expected. However, I have a supplementary question. Am I losing some space by not using this option? Answer at your convenience.


The "free disk space" option removes traces of previously deleted files to make them unrecoverable, and when it works properly (in other words, when the process is not aborted), there is no net gain in free space.

If your only goal is to increase free space, you do not need this option.

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks again. This is clear.

And with the option unchecked the process runs quickly and smoothly.

Sorry to have troubled you.