Bleachbit reset up my desktop icons and folder views


Windows Version: Windows 10 Home 1909

Bleachbit Version: 3.0

Every time I run it, it resets folder views, desktop icon size, location everything.

Also, takes 15 - 20 minutes with "disk cleanup"

This only started after I reinstalled windows.

Even if I uncheck all the boxes in the software, same result.

Please advise.

Thank you

BleachBit version: 
Your operating system: 
Windows 10 Home 1909

To not lose positions of your desktop icons, uncheck the option "Shellbags" under "Windows Explorer."

The solution to avoiding the 15-20 minutes is probably to uncheck the "Free disk space" under "System."

Other ways to speed up the operation are to uncheck all options labeled "Deep scan." Also, uncheck "Swap" under "VIM."

Andrew, lead developer