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I did raise this question a long time ago, but no action taken.

I like many other users have a dark desktop background and the existing Bleachbit logo just disappears - you cannot see it. I am unable to put it on my desktop and store it in a file with a white background.

Suggestion :-

Keep the same logo design, but make the square icon coloured. Yellow, orange, almost any nice pastel colour except transparent as it is now. It really is useless on most desktops.

Many thanks


Screen shot of my desktop - Bleachbit icon not shown due to reason explained.

I know the logo is a problem on a dark background (and there are other issues with the logo too). In recent releases I have tried to focus on functionality issues, but the logo cannot wait forever, so I am planning a new logo for version 1.0 (maybe sooner). I'm not a graphic designer, so I may try a contest or have to pay for a good logo.

As a temporary workaround, in Windows you can right click on the BleachBit icon and choose a different icon. Also, the icon label "BleachBit" should show OK.

I filed the logo as a bug in the bug tracker: 827353

Andrew, lead developer

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for the tip. I have now changed the icon using :-
RT click icon>Properties>Shortcut>Change icon>Browse>Windows\System32>Shell32dll>OK>Apply>OK

It worked and I now have the new icon on my desktop clearly visible.
The title "BleachBit" came through.


If I try to install it from the software center it simply doesn't open. And if I try to open it from gdebi the program tells me that there are missing dependencies (both GUI and shell, using dpkg). It always "hang up" in the part that is processing python-support triggers.

This has nothing to do with the original topic of this thread, the BleachBit logo, so please start a new forum topic.

Andrew, lead developer

BleachBit 0.9.3 beta introduces a new logo made to work on all backgrounds including black.

Andrew, lead developer

unfortunately, it is the same logo that a firefox addon,
has used for years.

And very similar to another Fx addon, that's used a similar icon for yrs:

Not a big deal - to me. Might be for some? I've no idea if it's highly "frowned on" to use same icon that another app / addon used first. Guess it doesn't break any "laws."

It's your app & logo, but don't see what "bleach" & a broom have in common. Again, doesn't bother me, but if you'd like logos / icons that somehow use the BB letters, or have a background that looks like a bleached out spot(s) - on anything - I'd be happy to donate to the cause.

Just a thought of how I could give back a little. But if you're happy w/ current icon, I'm happy! Thanks again for a great app.

Could be a page of simulated text w/ irregular spot(s) "bleached" away; could include letter(s) B or BB, possibly using some irregularly shaped font; just be a colored square w/ bleached spots; a bright colored shirt or pants w/ bleach spot, etc.