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Having only a few hours ago installed BleachBit, I am very impressed and look forward to more experience. I have carried out a few trial deletes which all went perfect and I just love the preview. Yes, I am very pleased so far. It is better for me than CCleaner which is an extremely popular cleaner worldwide.

Now - Suggestion :

The icon placed on my desktop of the BleachBit logo is invisible being black numerics. I cannot see it at all with my background. All I can see is the small arrow and the title. This is most unsatisfactory.

Please, can you place these black numerics on a coloured square, yellow would be perfect, but at least a colour whereby the figures show up and the icon is made visible on a desktop ?

Many thanks
John Bull

Thanks for the nice compliment.

Yes, I agree the icon is an issue. Definitely before the BleachBit 1.0 release (and hopefully sooner), I plan to have a logo contest. One of the many requirements for the logo contest will be the icon looks OK on a black background.

Andrew, lead developer

My desktop is :-

You can zoom it .

John Bull

Thanks for the no facility for showing images.