bleachbit comand line, linux, --list command, question?



Long time user, first time questionnaire.

I am putting together some scripts on linux shell scripting.
I have a question regarding the bleachbit --list command

Does it take arguments?
Can you make it so it just outputs what cleaners you have installed in the system you run it on and not every single cleaner potentially available, just like the sidebar in the GUI does?

Thank you

No, it does not take arguments as of BleachBit version 1.12.

Is the concern that there are too many irrelevant options shown, so it is hard to read?

Please file a "wish" ticket here so it can get tracked and prioritized

Andrew, lead developer


Thanks for reply and the great software

I am writing a LINUX maintenance program that uses bleachbit for one of its functions.
The problem is I want to present the user with a menu of all cleaners and it was showing all 67 in the list
when I want it to show just the relevant ones just like the GUI sidebar does . So it was filling the whole screen with long list of irrelevant programs and confusing the user.

In meantime I solved the problem myself by writing some extra code to filter the list.
I can post if anyone interested.