BleachBit beta 1.0 bug [update notification]


BleachBit beta 1.0 keeps sending me a message saying the newest version is actually .9.6 and I should update to that. I do realize I can turn off the notifications, but I figured I'd make you aware of this issue. Also, just to throw this in here, the games section still crashes in beta 1.

Thank you for pointing this out: I fixed it so 1.0beta doesn't have a notice for 0.9.6.

Andrew, lead developer


I am getting an error message with the latest winapp2 on the winapp2 site. The one that BleachBit offers doesn't have this issue. The error message is as follows:

Mark for deletion 895.7kB C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\cbs.log
(5, 'MoveFileEx', 'Access is denied.')

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Because this isn't related to update notifications, in the future please start a new thread instead of replying to the thread about update notifications. This makes it easier to browse the forum and makes it easier for me to manage my emails.

The "'Access is denied" typically happens if you run BleachBit without administrator privileges. When you start BleachBit, you may see the Windows UAC (user access control) dialog (which has a warning like ""Do you want to allow the follow program to make changes to this computer"). If you answer YES, then BleachBit will have elevated privileges to delete all files.

The second reason this may happen is the file may be locked by an active process (whatever is writing to this log).

Andrew, lead developer