Bleachbit 2.2 killed my firefox :(

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Upgraded from 2.0 to 2.2, and did a routine cleanup with most things checked under the Firefox and Mozilla settings. Afterward, firefox completely broke. Webpages won't load, extensions won't load.... What's going on?

Tried reinstalling firefox, but problem persists.

Please help!

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Windows 10

Try renaming your Firefox profile, at least for troubleshooting. Does this help?

Also a screenshot of the error would help. You could use the site snaggy

Andrew, lead developer

I managed to find the profile folder and I renamed my profile. Started up firefox, and it works, and it's all brand new (all my bookmarks and add-ons are gone), but I noticed that it created the same old profile as well. Is this a concern?

Sorry for the second reply, but the problem was basically websites were hanging with a blank white page. No error message. Sometimes nothing was displayed in the onmibox. I could still access Mozilla's support page somehow, but none of the websites I tried worked. I forgot to screenshot the problem, but I have essentially two firefox profiles now. The one I renamed, and the old one it regenerated (rename.deafult, old.default).

You asked, "I noticed that it created the same old profile as well. Is this a concern?" It is normal for you to have two profile folders: one is the folder you renamed, and one is the folder that Firefox created.

I hope you could be willing to do more testing.
1. With the blank (or mostly blank) profile, re-run BleachBit, and check Firefox. If there is a problem, stop and let me know.
2. If #1 is OK, then try to make Firefox like it was before. For example, re-install any extensions you had, and then run BleachBit again for another test. I am wondering if there is a special Firefox extension involved in this problem.

If I can reproduce the problem, it will help me fix it.

Andrew, lead developer