BleachBit 1.8 wipe free space


I've used this numerous times, but the last time, it left me with only 1% free space! I'm using Windows XP. All my system restore points are gone, too. Can somebody help?? Thanks.

If BleachBit is prematurely killed, it cannot clean up after itself. On a new BleachBit installation since version 1.2, the files related to wiping free space for C:\ are stored in temporary files (%TMP%), so you can easily wipe them using System - Temporary Files.

If your configuration was setup on BleachBit version 1.0 or later, the files may be in C:\.

If that doesn't work, check the location by clicking Edit - Preference - Drives.

Let me know how it goes

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks for replying so fast. Just FYI, I didn't prematurely kill it -- I let it run all the way. Don't know why it behaved differently this time -- it usually gains me a few more percentages of free disk space. Anyway, "c:\docs and settings\owner\local settings\temp" contains only 8 empty folders and 4 miscellaneous small .txt documents.

Desperately need this disk space back, as it's only a 30 gig hard drive. I can't even copy stuff onto CD's for transfer to a new computer with a larger hard drive for lack of disk space. Thanks again.

Here is a way to look for large files (regardless of what caused them)

1. Open Windows Explorer
2. Navigate to C:\
3. In the search field (top-right-hand-corner) type size:>500MB

After a while, Windows will show you a list of the largest files. You can also sort them by size.

Andrew, lead developer