BleachBit 1.7.6 alpha


I was told a new alpha version was released. I just want to know what the changes are from 1.7.5 to 1.7.6 are? I looked through the bug reports but didn't see anything changed.

3cca7dc Set version to 1.7.6 (alpha)
0f64a03 Add command line option --debug-log for logging debug messages to a log
42e1ef9 Refactor System cleaner, so it sets the class variable for use like in auto_hide()
e358a8f Refactor Firefox, so it sets the class variable for use like in auto_hide()
9d530f8 Refactor, so it sets the class variable for use like in auto_hide()
eda4d6a Windows: show LocalAppDataLow and Music in system diagnostics (related to LP#1352683)
4b7bb64 Update German translation thanks to pitfd
0411df5 Update translation thanks to Ramdhani Fathurrohman, Ferri Fakhruzi, Wiliams Andrian
8361732 Windows: do not package localizations.xml (it is for Linux only)
e8a5428 Windows: do not package localizations.xml (it is for Linux only)
96500aa Do not crash on startup on Windows (because of new localizations commit)
bfa378a autopep8
e88b1df Unit test: locales: expect at least one
12645d0 Merge pull request #88 from tstenner/localizationxml
250b0cb Fix last commit (testing walk.all)
de0f20f unit test: add test for deleting directories with delete()
8c16416 Add unit test for walk.all to verify files and folders are deleted (not passing)
a54a813 Windows: CleanerML: convert forward slash to back slash
d0df134 Add code comment
bba35a2 Windows: Google Chrome: Use only forward slash
fe1ae42 Update Swedish translation thanks to Josef Andersson
29ee720 Update Portuguese translation thanks to Formatado, Sérgio Marques, Carlos Geadas, Alexandre Fidalgo, Pedro Silva, asensio, DarkVenger, Pedro Folha, Almufadado, Nuno Machado
4837e23 Update English (United Kingdom) translation thanks to Andi Chandler
8a5cdd4 Windows: support longer filenames in getsize function (LP#1390950)
185eed2 Zip installer (LP#1394068)
5ac73a8 Windows: Do not delete the folder %TEMP%\Low (but allow deleting its contents) to avoid trouble with printing from Internet Explorer (LP#1421726)
116b850 Windows: Define %LocalAppDataLow% for use in Winapp2.ini and CleanerML (LP#1352683; some code thanks to Michael Kropat
e5b40ca Update French translation thanks to Jean Marc
2f708a2 Update Swedish translation thanks to sweidre, Josef Andersson
c841279 Delete localization paths recursively
8682776 Fix syntax for recent commit
b646c49 Remove test failing only in Travis CI
d09526e Add/change testcases for localization config
daaeef4 Fix a validation error and formatting
e142765 Replace hardcoded localization paths with CleanerML-entries for Linux

Change list on GitHub

I added a README file that shows at the bottom of the 1.7.6 download page

Andrew, lead developer


Nice work. I will remember to check github or sourceforge from now on for any changes. Keep up the good work, many people rely on you and everyone who volunteers to build BleachBit.

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