BleachBit 1.7


Major Geeks had a download for BleachBit 1.7 yesterday. Is this authentic? I believe if you downloaded from author it popped up 1.2 and if you downloaded from Geeks it said 1.7. I didn't risk it. I just looked again after posting and there is no option to download from author anymore.

Thanks for the note.

A few days ago I posted a beta version for testing two changes, and the only publication I made was in bug trackers to the people who reported those issues. If Majorgeeks posts beta versions and marked it as such, then it is OK.

Since 1.0, beta versions are odd (like 1.5, 1.7), while stable versions are even (1.6, 1.8).

If you would like to use it, download BleachBit 1.7. Windows should show you it is digitally signed as Andrew Ziem. The changes look correct.

Andrew, lead developer

I been using BleachBit along time and have never noticed the odd or even version numbers meaning anything in particular. I guess when you get comfortable with something working as it's supposed to you don't pay attention . Thanks for the reply and a trustworthy program.